Studio Scaffolding Camera 73

LF and client on scaffolding above the room set

With a client on scaffolding above a photographic setting at Lionel Freedman’s ‘Camera 73’ studio ©


About Lionel Freedman Archives

Lionel Freedman, 1919-2002, award winning studio photographer and film maker. Lionel Freedman worked as a freelance location photographer for major architectural and home decoration magazines. He later opened his own commercial studio in NYC where for forty years he designed, built, styled and photographed elegant room settings and still-life for high end advertising, primarily in the home furnishings industry. He is known for the unique lighting techniques he developed and the vibrant color of his studio photography and industrial films. Towards the end of his life Lionel Freedman devoted his artistic energies to the emerging field of computer graphics and "his 'love affair and total addiction to the wonders of the Macintosh Computer."
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  1. Brian Kraus says:

    I had the privilege of being on a similar scaffold with Mr. Freedman as a assistant, in the early ’70. I learned not only about film, lighting , dark room techniques and building sets but how to be a professional in the world of advertising.
    Mr. and Mrs Freedman gave me the chance of a life time – to shadow Lionel thru his day. I would have worked for free. But they even paid me my $275.00 a week. I was a kid from Long Island but now exposed to the world of high ended advertising. Lionel was ahead of his time. He lived his passion thru the advertising world.
    He was the consuemate creative director / designer /photographer. He would design a set, build it, light it, and photograph it with a lighting rig designed by himself. He took New York by storm with his unique studio. Camera 73 was a theater on East 73 St. in Manhattan.
    Working with Lionel was the Harvard of the Photo industry.
    The crème de la creme. There will always be a warm spot in my heart for two wonderful people who had it all, in love and careers.

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